Access Your True Power




Can you feel your whole body beaming with power ... ?

There is a reason you can’t feel it

You’ve hidden it 

At some time in your life you decided that it was not safe for you to be in it

You gave it up, in exchange for safety

Instead of speaking your truth

You kept silent

Or told a lie

In one way or another you gave your power away

But there is a way to reclaim YOUR POWER

Embody Your True Voice

"Thank you for showing me the power of my own voice. That I now can connect to at any point during the day and with anyone I am talking to in any conversation. I am deeply grateful for the way that you teach & for the teachings that you shared with us. Please keep going and I hope that more people will get in to contact with what you are sharing."


It is all in the voice 

But not the voice you use for work

nor the voice you use for your mom… your sister nor your brother

It is the voice you use when no one is listening

The kind of voice that you use only for you

That’s when the voice will let you know … Your Truth

It’s in that voice that you will find Your Power, Your Purpose & Your Truth.

It’s when you dare to let the voice be uncontrolled

Because the truth is ... You’ve been controlling it.

To say things, to keep you out of trouble, to ‘make’ others happy. To lie … to save your own skin - or someone else’s

and it’s ok… we’ve all done that. It is part of life to slowly learn that this is not how we want to live life

We want to be the best version of ourselves

To speak our truth and to inspire others by doing so!


But how do you do that?

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