Vocal Activation &
Throat De-armoring


Vocal Activation

is an activation of your vocal awareness

- Online or in person -

Learn how you are using your voice and what you can do to support your full vocal potential.
Session consists of three elements:
- We open the flow to the natural voice
- We work our way into tensions to release them physically, mentally and emotionally
- We lower the defenses that keep us from feeling the power of the heart

You will learn the method of awakening the voice, how you can use the contact with the voice to transform your emotions into power and clarity.

You will have a new relationship with your voice. You learn to listen deeply into your voice and listen for the truth. What is right now. With that information, you can create healing in your body.

You will learn how to work with the breath to create structure in your interior - freedom of mind; calmly and steadily you can receive life with every breath.



Your voice has the potential to be a guide into your body. It can tell you how connected you are to your own experience. What is moving within you. What’s present for you in this moment. Using it to inform yourself of your current experience - so that you can align your body mind. It is a tool to get in contact with the energy body. When you connect your sense of feeling with your sense of listening to your own voice - you will get connected to your energetic field - and through your breath & voice you will be able to move it.

Activating the voice is a process of understanding how you’ve been blocking the voice from its full potential and how to use it in a way that will open yourself up to more of it.


Discovering the Truth: Coaching: Being witnessed as you unravel what is blocking you from speaking your truth. Being guided to what your truth is.  

Connected Breathing: Learning how your breathing is affecting your voice & how to use it to activate the body & the voice. 

Vocal Embodiment: Learn how your voice and body are intimately connected and how we can use our voice as a tool for personal, emotional and spiritual growth.

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A testimonial from Paul:
J is deeply interested in helping people to find their voice. This is not a mechanical process. Body, soul and spirit are engaged in an exploration.

In the session, J gives instructions and uses his hands to highlight areas of the body that need more awareness. The voice is inseparable from the breath, so focussed concentration on the breathing process is required. The voice is intimately caught up with our personality, so a willingness to let go of conditioned beliefs is also a requirement. The voice is a bridge between heart and head, so one must be open to a reintegrative process.

Of course the client- facilitator relationship has to be one of deep trust. J’s intention is pure. He is not interested in making his clients into some unreal theoretical ideal. It is much more about finding each client’s own resonant truth. I was able to trust him deeply. At all times I felt safe to tell J I needed to pause, or try something different. Like all good teachers, he is not at all fixed in his methods.

After 90 minutes, my voice sounded resonant, with a profound sense of joy, connection and relaxation. After one week, I still feel reintegrated, and am enjoying new levels of energy and connectivity. I am so much more aware of my voice is an instrument of resonance and truth. It has become my good friend and guide, whereas before it was more like a stranger.


Throat De-armoring 

- Only done in person -

Throat De-armouring is a bodywork technique that releases built up tension and blockages (armor) in the throat. It involves breath, touch and sounds.

You will be guided in to the tension of your throat and release them through sounds. 

When you're deep in to the tissues of the body you might uncover some old stored trauma. You might feel what has held you back from speaking. Or to whom you need to say what. To break free from the spell that you've put on yourself. 

Reclaiming the voice through a de-armouring is a very beautiful process. Book a discovery call to see if it is something for you.

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As you explore the depth of your own voice you have the possibility to open up a connection with deeper parts of yourself.


If you are not in love with your own voice - it means that you are still hiding parts of it.

You’re not speaking with the full capacity of how your voice can vibrate in your body.

Reclaim your full voice! Go deep within and listen to the parts that hasn't been heard yet.


Why don't we have our full vocal potential?

It can be residue from a traumatic event where you had to hide what you felt. There was something you really wanted and needed to express - but it didn't feel safe to do so. So you hid it! You kept it inside and made a silent vow not to tell anyone about it. As time went by you forgot about it. It became a part of you. That 'holding on to' now defines you. Your personality. Who you think you are. But it is not true…

You can be yourself fully.


Waking up to the true power of the voice is a process.
It takes time and an understanding of how to uncover it.

During the session you will experience more of your voice than you’ve felt before. You will connect to the depth of it. You will find the hidden gems within you that you haven’t yet seen. You will walk away from this experience with an understanding & tools that you can use in your everyday life - anytime you decide to speak or sing - coming closer to yourself, sound by sound.


“The voice is the sound of the body -

If I listen to how my voice is vibrating inside my body at this moment - I will get key insight in how I am relating to my body in this moment and what I need to do to reconnect to myself. It is a profound tool that I can use to live a life in presence. “ - Joseph



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