Inner Sound Healing

Exploring the healing potential of your Music

As you explore the depth of your own voice you have the possibility to open up a connection with deeper parts of yourself. 


If you are not in love with your own voice - it means that you are still hiding parts of it. 

You’re not speaking with the full capacity of how your voice can vibrate in your body. 

Reclaim your full voice! Go deep within and listen to the parts that hasn't been heard yet.


Why don't we have our full vocal potential?

It can be residue from a traumatic event where you had to hide what you felt. There was something you really wanted and needed to express - but it didn't feel safe to do so. So you hid it! You kept it inside and made a silent vow not to tell anyone about it. As time went by you forgot about it. It became a part of you. That 'holding on to' now defines you. Your personality. Who you think you are. But it is not true…

You can be yourself fully. 


Waking up to the true power of the voice is a process.
It takes time and an understanding of how to uncover it.

During the session you will experience more of your voice than you’ve felt before. You will connect to the depth of it. You will find the hidden gems within you that you haven’t yet seen. You will walk away from this experience with an understanding & tools that you can use in your everyday life - anytime you decide to speak or sing - coming closer to yourself, sound by sound.


“The voice is the sound of the body -

If I listen to how my voice is vibrating inside my body at this moment - I will get key insight in how I am relating to my body in this moment and what I need to do to reconnect to myself. It is a profound tool that I can use to live a life in presence. “ - Joseph