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Vocal Embodiment

- Fundamentals of -


Healing Through Sounds

How to use the Voice for Releasing Tension & Blockages

Voice as a tool for Emotional Release & Processing

Voice as a tool to Regulate the Nervous System

How to Speak with a Full Voice

Accessing Truth through the Voice


The potential of the voice is huge.
We barely use it to our full potential. Here is a chance for huge expansion!

This course is for coming into contact with how the voice can serve you on a daily basis for understanding yourself deeper and expressing yourself powerfully.

This is a journey to come in to deep contact with the potential of the voice.

To awaken its power and be able to harness it in your speech and sounds.

This course will give you exercises on how to work with the voice on a deep level. You will learn how to:

  1. Resonance Deeper in your Body
  2. Speak with a Full Voice
  3. Access your Chest & Belly voice
  4. Use the Voice for Releasing Tension in the Body
  5. Use the Voice to Process Emotions
  6. Regulate the Nervous System through sounds


We learn all these beautiful techniques and through them you will get in contact with your Vocal Power. This power is something you have hidden. It is a latent connection with yourself. The raw power of your being that can be expressed through your voice. But after years of hiding it, it is hard to find it back by yourself…


As a core principle in working with the voice is truth. Every time you’ve not spoken your truth you’ve been undermining your power and created tension in your body and mind. Probably you’ve done this numerous times in the past that has created a myriad of different tensions in your system.

What I’ve experienced working with my clients is a deeper understanding of: What they didn’t say, to whom they didn’t say or other ways they’ve been holding themselves back. Coming in contact with this opens up an understanding of what is True for us. As an effect we start to speak more truthfully.


If you choose to embark on this journey I will be welcoming you into a new way of relating to your voice, to yourself.


All you need is the commitment to do the work and make a change. I am not going to change it for you - but You will change it With me!