€1.200,00 EUR

Embody Your True Voice

Now is the time to change old patterns by embarking on an adventure of your own voice

In this 4 week training you will get:

  • Tools & techniques to uncover your true voice
  • Group calls & personal coaching to make sure that you understand the concepts and implement them
  • Guided exercises on mp3 so that you can practice anytime & anywhere

Hi, Joseph here

I guarantee that you get results from this course. If you choose to join us on this journey you will see a big change in how you use your voice but it is only accessible to you if you are committed to follow through on the process!


Only join this course if you are:

    1. Committed to show up and participate for the weekly group calls

    2. Open minded to what is presented for you. You don't need to believe my words, just open try it out for yourself 

    3. Ready for a big shift in your life


If you join the 4 weeks and see no results I am more than happy to refund your payment. 100% money back guarantee.


Disclaimer: Nothing presented in this course is hard facts. I will not change your nor heal you. Everything you will do is from your own willpower and I will only guide you to do the shifts that are necessary. I strongly believe that being part of a group is an important part of the journey to awaken the dormant power inside. So if you are ready to be part of this transformative group of men, Welcome!