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Heal the relationship to your voice through Music

As you explore the depth of your own voice you have the possibility to open up a connection with deep parts of yourself. Some of these you know and some are so hidden that they haven’t yet had the chance to emerge through your expression. These hidden gems carry in them an important message and may bring new sounds to your voice and can help it to be more whole.

If you are not in love with your own voice - it means that you have hidden parts of it. 

You’re not speaking with the full capacity of how your voice can vibrate in your body. 

What I believe we need to do to reclaim our full voice is to go deep within and pick up the pieces.



If you are ready to meet your inner world you will see a drastic change in how you are using and perceiving your voice after one session. If it for some reason do not change in any way you get 100% of your money back. This is how certain I am that this works, for everyone. We all have so much more potential than we realise. And it's all there, if you learn how to listen to it.




So why is your voice not at its fullest?

It can be a traumatic event where you had to hide what you felt, what you really wanted and needed to express - but it wasn’t safe to do so. So you hid it! You kept it inside and made a vow not to tell anyone about it. As time went by you forgot about it. It became a part of you. That holding now to defines you. Your personality. Who you think you are. But it is not true… You can be yourself fully. 


Waking up to the power of the voice is a process. It’s not something we do in a few hours. But the start of the adventure can be done in a matter of hours. When you realise that there is more to your voice than you’ve thought of before - and you are shown how to find a depth where there is hidden gems you haven’t seen yet. And you go away from this experience with tools that you can use in your everyday life - anytime you decide to speak or sing - coming closer to yourself.


The voice is the sound of the body -

If I listen to how my voice is vibrating inside my body at this moment - I will get key insight in how I am relating to my body in this moment and what I need to do to reconnect to myself. It is a profound tool that we can use to live a life in presence. 

What People Are Saying:

Joseph created a remarkable space or me to experience my voice on a level I forgot I knew as a child. The process he led me through made me feel as if lost parts of me was returning home again. Things I haven't felt for years was still there in my throat - and I could meet them and liberate them. Things I've been holding back my whole life came up to the surface and was heard and seen - and then they could let go. I was astonished of how safe I felt in the session and how deep we could go. I can't recommend this enough to anyone looking to find their connection with their voice. Today my relationship to my own voice is stronger than it has ever been. Thank you Joseph! And I can say to you is go for it!